Total population
(growth rates per annum)
293,544 in 2012 with growth rates of 2.5% p.a during 2008-2012
Population density
(people per sq. km of land area)
13 in 2012
Female population 50.0% in 2012
Population below 15 years of age 36.5% in 2012
Urban population 45.5% in 2012
Population living below $1.25 a day at purchasing power parity (PPP) N.A.
Ranking in the Human Development Index (HDI) 96 out of 186 in 2012
Evolution of the Human Development Index (HDI)
Source: United Nations Development Programme Human Development Indicators

Note: The Human Development Index measures the overall development of a nation and ranges from 0 (low level of development) to 1 (highest level of development). The United Nations Development Programme ( provides a detailed explanation. ITC Regional group refers to ITC definition

Health 18.3 in 2012
Education 94 out of 191 in 2012
Income level N.A.
Inequality N.A.
Poverty 65 out of 191 in 2012
Gender 70 out of 191 in 2012
Sustainability N.A.