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Certified organic mangoes from Senegal

  • Certified organic mangoes from Senegal

    by Market Insider

    Monday, 26 Aug. 2013

    ‘Bio’ or ‘Organic’ is the way forward to revive African agriculture; one among many examples in this direction is proposed by an experience in Senegal where a successful production of organic mango involving 75 local farmers has been launched.

    Buursine International, a company based near Dakar, has been set up after participation into the BioFach fair which promotes the organic movement and involved from the beginning local farmers, convincing them that it would be advantageous to produce bio on 123 acres of their overall properties.

    The links with an import and distribution company of organic products in Germany has allowed the project to start immediately with a good outlet mall. A stream of exports has also been launched to other African countries such as Morocco and Ghana where there are facilities for drying and feed utilization of mango.

    Through a partnership with COLEACP of Brussels the production is certified to GlobalGAP, Bio Europe, Bio Suisse and Fairtrade accreditation.

    Senegal produces mango from May to September for a total of 100.000 thousand tons per year but only 6-8 thousand tons are exported and a relatively small percentage is represented by the organic mango.

    The company is now preparing to supply also Senegalese organic vegetables to the European market: new productions include organic papaya, eggplant, onions, peppers and spices on an area of 15 hectares initially; the export of mango started in 2011 while the first exports of the new organic products have been launched this year.


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