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    The 8th Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Network World Conference and Awards concluded in Mexico City today with more than 150 participants from 50 countries addressing the theme, ‘Building Export Success – Enhancing TPO Impact in a Changing Global Environment’.  Two days of intensive discussion and debate brought together TPOs, governmental and private business support organizations, related government ministries, regional trade promotion organizations, and international and national development agencies interested in trade capacity development. They exchanged experiences, knowledge and best practices, participants focused on practical solutions to stimulate export-led economic growth...  


    Les Prix 2010 du réseau des OPC du Centre du commerce international seront décernés à trois organisations nationales de promotion du commerce (OPC) lors de la 8 ème Conférence mondiale du réseau des OPC... 


    La 8ème Conférence mondiale et la remise des prix du réseau des organismes de promotion du commerce (OPC) auront lieu à Mexico City du 13 au 15 octobre 2010. Plus de 150 participants de 50 pays devraient être présents pour aborder le sujet, ‘Comment assurer le succès des exportations - Renforcement de l’impact des OPC dans un environnement mondial changeant’...   


    Success in evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of export development services is the core theme of the 2010 Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) Network World Conference, which will take place in Mexico City on 14 and 15 October, the International Trade Centre (ITC) announced today.  Building export success: enhancing TPO impact in a changing global environment’ is the title of the conference...  

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