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    ITC invites women business owners and buyers interested in sourcing from women vendors, to join the Global Platform for Action on Sourcing from Women Vendors. Registration is simple see http://www.intracen.org/Global-Platform-for-Action-on-Sourcing-from-Women-Vendors/

    ITC is active in building women’s capacity to meet buyers’ requirements. One of our projects that has generated over USD1 million in sales for beneficiaries in 18 months, focused assistance on women in alpaca in Arequipa, Peru. See the video and brochure.  ITC works with institutions such as Promperú and organisations like SPINNA to ensure sustained support through linking women entrepreneurs to networks active in capacity building and sales.

    • Please click here to download the Peru Alpaca 4 pager project presentation
    • Please click here to download the Brochure

    Moda Alpaca - L.paulet - Apoyo del ITC a Empresarias Peruanas


    Moda Alpaca - Artesanías Tumi Arte - Apoyo del ITC a Empresarias Peruanas


    Moda Alpaca - Apoyo del ITC a Empresarias Peruanas



    (This project is funded in part by DFID 2011-2012)

    Alpaca project in Arequipa, Peru


    (This project is funded by the Spanish Fund 2009-2010)

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    To help women entrepreneurs emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Initiative and world's largest package delivery company, UPS, are focussing on boosting the digital transformation of women-led businesses....

    ITC releases French version of its SheTrades platform7

    French speakers are now able to access all functionalities on SheTrades.com to help them grow their businesses

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    SheTrades.com is now available in Spanish in web and app versions

    International Trade Centre launches a groundbreaking tool to track policies for women in trade

    SheTrades Outlook enables governments and others to track progress on gender equality in trade

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