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Window II

  • Window II of the ITC Trust Fund channels bilateral or multilateral financing to specific projects, whose technical cooperation goals and outcomes fall within the scope of ITC’s Strategic Plan. It is also used to receive funding for Junior Professional Officers and secondees, as well as for income earned through delivering specific products and services on a cost-recovery basis.

    In 2018, W2 contributions to the ITC Trust Fund totalled $72.4 million. Delivery against the Operational Plan W2 budget of $44.2 million was 116% ($51.2 million).

    2018 W2 contributions (%)

    2018 W2 contributions

    Evolution of W2 contributions to the ITC Trust Fund, 2013-18 ($ million)

    Evo W2_2

    2018 W2 delivery by focus area, ($ million)

    2018 W2 delivery by focus area

    The distribution of the region-specific Window II delivery shows 50% of delivery focused on sub-Saharan Africa, followed by the Asia-Pacific and Arab States regions (26% and 12% respectively). The remaining 12% of Window II region-specific delivery focused on Eastern Europe Central Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.

    2018 W2 delivery by region ($ million and %)

    2018 W2 delivery by region