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    All prices are quoted in United States dollars and are subject to change without notice. A shipping and handling fee will be added to each order. Customers in developing countries receive a discount of 60% of the publication price.  

    • Online: with credit cards, Visa    EuroCard - MasterCard  

    •  By mail:   
      • In Europe, contact: UN Publications Sales Section,
        Palais des Nations, CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland; e-mail: unpubli@unog.ch.
      • In the rest of the world: UN Publications,
        Room DC2-853, 2 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA; e-mail: publications@un.org.

    • Free copies (in limited numbers for official trade related institutions only)
      • Contact: International Trade Centre, attn. Publications Unit,
        Publications Distribution Office, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland; e-mail customerservice@intracen.org.
        All requests should cite full contact information (name, title, organization, address, e-mail address and fax number).


    • Payment terms

      For online orders, we accept credit cards through the WorldPay secure payment system.

      For orders made though UN Publications, payment can be made by credit card, cheque or money order. UN account holders should submit their orders by mail, fax or e-mail including an authorized purchase order number and bill-to account number. For non-account customers, prepayment is required with all orders. Orders paid by cheque will be held for 10 days or until the cheque clears. Use of a credit card will expedite your order.

    • Shipping
      Online orders: Unless otherwise stated, there is a single worldwide shipping rate of US$ 5 per item, plus a handling fee of US$ 5 per order. These fees are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise stated, packages are sent by regular mail.

      Other orders: Please refer to UN conditions of sale.

      Special shipping options: Upon request, products may be shipped via courier or priority mail. If special shipping is desired, please contact UN Publications direct. These shipping options carry an additional charge. Special shipping options are not available on website orders.

    • Delivery times:
      Orders may be expected to arrive within six weeks.

    • Returns policy 
    • All sales are final. CD-ROMs, computer diskettes and other electronic products that are faulty or arrive in a damaged condition can be returned for replacement only. 

    • Order inquiries 
    • Please wait at least two weeks before inquiring about the status of your order. Inquiries may be made by phone, fax, e-mail or postal mail to the ITC Publications Distribution Office. Please have your Worldpay Order Number when inquiring about an online order.

      International Trade Centre,
      Publications Distribution Office,
      Palais des Nations,
      CH-1211, Geneva 10,

      tel: (41) 22 730 01 11
      fax: (41) 22 733 44 39

      If your inquiry concerns charges made to your credit card, you must include a billing statement with the referenced charges annotated.
      Missing publications should be reported within six months of ordering.

    • Copyright and permissions 
    • All ITC publications are protected by copyright laws and regulations. For this reason, written permission for any reproduction, whole or in part, in any format, including hardcopy, microfiche, or electronic, must be obtained from the International Trade Centre.

      For permission please write to:

      ITC Publications Board Secretary,
      Palais des Nations,
      CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland.

    • Online ordering 
    • Our secure online ordering system is managed by WorldPay. All credit card transactions take place on the WorldPay server. ITC does not need your credit card details, and so never sees them. Your account is debited by WorldPay, not by us or our bank.

      Personal information required to complete the transaction, eg: your name, address, email address, is gathered on this site before it is passed to WorldPay. We do not make a copy, and we do not keep a database or any other kind of record, of this information.

      If your secure credit card transaction is successful, WorldPay transmits to us the personal information that we need to complete your order. This includes your name, postal address, email address and the amount you have paid. We receive no information about your credit card, or any other WorldPay transactions.

      We do not use this personal information for any purpose other than completing your order. We will not use it to contact you again, except at your explicit request. We will never divulge it in any circumstances to any third party, individual or organization.

      If your WorldPay transaction is unsuccessful or cancelled, we do not receive the information that you originally provided.