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WEDF 2017 Business-to-Business meetings

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    24-25 October, Budapest, Hungary

    Within the framework of the World Export Development Forum 2017, ITC is organizing a business-to-business (B2B) event on 24 and 25 October 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, for enterprises operating in the following industries:

    • Agricultural Technologies for Crop Farming and Oilseed Processing
    • Agricultural crops
    • Oilseeds

    The B2B event will gather farmers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and Investors interested in selling, buying or investing in selected agricultural technologies and products.

    Companies participating in the B2Bs will have the opportunity to meet with new business partners, explore new areas of cooperation and also attend the plenary and practical sessions of the Forum.

    If you are interested in participating, you can click on the following link: https://wedf-registration.org/ and tick the B2B box to fill in your pre registration for the B2B event.

    Special attention should be paid when you fill in your company profile form. Please note that pages 1 and 2 of each profile form will be included in a profile book that will be distributed to all the companies participating in the B2B event. From page 3 onwards, you should tick the products and services that your company would like to sell (Column A) and those that your company is looking for (Column B).

    The B2B team will review the profiles received from companies interested in participating and will contact each company to confirm its participation based on the potential for business matches.

    You can download the B2B brochure to obtain more information on the product coverage and the proceedings of the B2B meetings.

    Finalising the registration process for the B2B approved participants

    Since the B2B event is part of the World Export Development Forum, there is a last step to be completed by each company’s representative that will travel to Hungary, which is the registration in the WEDF platform.

    Each company’s representative can finalise the registration process either by filling the information directly on-line at https://wedf-registration.org or by sending the following documentation to the B2B team:

    • Passport details
    • Flight details
    • Email address
    • Good quality electronic picture (passport format: mandatory for VISA) 

    This information is especially important if you need an entry visa to Hungary as ITC will facilitate the obtaining of the visa to the WEDF and B2B participants.

    Preparation of the B2B agendas of appointments

    Only once your registration is fully completed, ITC will grant each company with access to the B2B platform. For this, you will receive an email from no-reply@wedf2017.converve.com with a link and a password with some information to optimize the use of the B2B platform.

    By accessing the B2B platform, your company can see the profiles of other registered companies and identify/select the best potential partners and request appointments with them.

    We recommend you to watch the tutorial video https://vimeo.com/230421431 to familiarize yourself with the use of the platform. However, the B2B team will be monitoring the activity in the B2B platform to ensure that companies are actively requesting and accepting appointments and provide support whenever required.

    If you have not received any electronic message before 20 September with your login details, kindly check your spam box to ensure that the email has not been archived there.

    If you cannot find or recover the email or for any query you may have on the B2B event, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Beatriz Rodriguez, ITC B2B Meetings Coordinator, at brodriguez@intracen.org ; Tel: +41 22 730 05 91

    Your arrival in Budapest: latest information for B2B participants​

    Kindly click here to obtain the latest information on :

    • The B2B event location
    • Collection of your badge and appointment schedule
    • Conducting the B2B bilateral meetings
    • Marketing materials
    • B2B team contacts in Budapest



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