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    Official name Vietnam International Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam
    Address 09 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da
    City Ha Noi
    Country Viet Nam
    Telephone +84 4 574 2021/574 2022 ext. 206, 306
    Fax +84 4 574 2020/574 2030
    URL http://www.vcci.com.vn/English/Services/Arbitration/Default.asp 
    Email viac-vcci@hn.vnn.vn 
    The Vietnam International Arbitration Centre is a permanent arbitral organization, established in 1993. It is attached to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is an independent corporation. It totally depends on the Chamber for both its finance and personnel.
    The Centre is the only arbitral organization operating in Vietnam. It has jurisdiction for arbitrations arising from economic international relations such as foreign trade contracts, investments, tourism and international transport. Since 1996, it may also have jurisdiction over disputes arising from domestic business transactions.
    - to administer international and domestic arbitrations, including receiving requests for arbitration which can be written in Vietnamese or in a foreign language widely used in international transactions (English, French, Russian);

    - to hold a list of Vietnamese arbitrators.


      English French Spanish
    Model Clause      
    Arbitration Rules of the Vietnam Arbitration Center at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (1993)      

    Last update : 2003-03-27
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