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    Official name The Singapore International Arbitration Centre
    Address 3 St. Andrew's Road, Third Level City Hall
    City Singapore
    Country Singapore
    Telephone (65) 6334 1277
    Fax (65) 6883 0823
    URL http://www.siac.org.sg/ 
    Email sinarb@siac.org.sg 
    The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) is a non-profit organization incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee in March 1990. It commenced operations on 1st July 1991. SIAC is the statutory appointing authority under the International Arbitration Act 1994 of Singapore.
    The Centre provides facilities for international and domestic commercial arbitration and conciliation. It promotes arbitration and conciliation as alternatives to litigation for the settlement of commercial disputes. It develops a pool of arbitrators and experts in the law and practice of international arbitration and conciliation. It may appoint, as a neutral entity, members of the arbitral tribunal from its Panel of Accredited Arbitrators of local and international experts. The SIAC Rules are based on the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and on the Rules of the London Court of International Arbitration with some modifications concerning time limits within which the tribunal must render its award.
    - one hearing room capable of accomodating 18 persons;
    - one board room capable of accomodating 10 persons;
    - 3 meeting rooms for solicitors and client discussions;
    - 1 withnesse's lounge with beverage facilities;
    - computer work stations with transcribing facilities;
    - ample storage space for files, documents and exhibits;
    - interpretation and transcribing services.


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    Model Clause      
    Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre      

    Last update : 2003-03-27
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