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    Official nameThe Law Society of Ireland Arbitration Committee
    AddressBlackhall Place
    Telephone353 1 672 4800
    Fax353 1 672 4801
    The Law Society is the educational, representative and regulatory body of the solicitors' profession in Ireland. The Arbitration Committee of the Law Society reports to the governing body of the Society, the Council, on its activities. The Arbitration Committee maintains active links with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in Ireland, the Bar Council, International Chamber of Commerce and the professional institutes representing Auctioneers, Architects, Engineers and others engaged in arbitration in Ireland and abroad.
    · Promoting arbitration as a method of resolving disputes. · Assisting members of the profession in relation to arbitration matters. · Monitoring the operation of arbitration law and making appropriate input in its development. The President of the Arbitration Committee, on the request of the parties in dispute, appoints arbitrators from the Panel of Arbitrators maintained by the Committee for various arbitration schemes. The Committee is also actively involved with the Law School in the education of solicitors and the running of courses for arbitrators in order to keep them fully apprised of the developments in the law and practice of arbitration.
    The Society maintains a Panel of Arbitrators which includes not only members of the Society, but also members of other professions.


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    Last update : 2003-11-18
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