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The Directorate of dispute Prevention and Resolution (DDPR)

  • General information

    Official nameThe Directorate of dispute Prevention and Resolution (DDPR)
    AddressPrivate Bag 160
    Telephone(266) 22327 099
    Fax(266) 223 11 253 / 223 10 907
    The Directorate of Dispute Prevention and Resolution is a legal person independent of the Government, political parties, trade unions and employers' organizations. Its Deputy Director, Conciliators and Arbitrators, are appointed by the government. The DDPR was created to provide independent, fair, effective, simple, less formal and affordable dispute prevention and resolution system.
    The main functions of the DDPR as set out by the law are as follows: to attempt to prevent and resolve trade disputes through conciliation; to resolve trade disputes through arbitration; to advise employees, employers and their organisations on the prevention of trade disputes; to compile and publish information about its activities, statistics on dispute prevention and resolution and significant arbitration awards.

    Last update : 2006-06-06