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    Official name The Chamber of National and International Arbitration of Milan
    Address Via Meravigli 9/B
    City Milan
    Country Italy
    Telephone +390 2 8515 4536/8515 4444
    Fax +390 2 8515 4384/8515 4516
    URL http://www.camera-arbitrale.com/ 
    Email camera.arbitrale@mi.camcom.it 
    The Chamber of National and International Arbitration of Milan is an entity of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. It administers arbitration proceedings under two sets of rules: for national and international arbitrations. The Chamber of Arbitration of Milan has recently established a conciliation service for disputes in the handicraft field.
    The Chamber administers national and international arbitrations in application of its rules. It performs the services of an appointing authority under the UNCITRAL rules. It offers conciliation services open only to companies and consumers involved in the handicraft field. It organizes the systematic collection of materials dealing with arbitration and ADR.
    - conference rooms;

    - a Documentation Center specialized in arbitration and ADR, open to the public, and capable of providing specific information, such as a particular decision or article. Over 8500 documents have been referenced.


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    Model Clause      
    Rules of the Chamber of Arbitration and International Arbitration Rules      

    Last update : 2003-03-27
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