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SME Competitiveness Benchmarking: Be Strategic

  • Sector and value chain strategies

    ITC assists governments, investors and business support institutions to develop their sector and value chain strategies, based on SME Competitiveness Benchmarking.

    Economic growth is determined by the dynamism of multiple sectors each with their own set of complex international value chains. ITC assists countries to assess their economic performance and potential, by sector and by value chain using a variety of in-house tools. Central among these is the SME Competitiveness Benchmarking tool.

    SME Competitiveness Tools.

    SME competitiveness benchmarking used in conjunction with a suite of complimentary assessment tools developed and maintained by ITC.

    • What is your potential? Government and investors need to know which sectors are most likely to succeed and where trade advisors can best help to realize export opportunities. Export potential assessments (EPAs) are a data-based methodology to assist trade advisors in selecting promising export products for inclusion into export promotion activities.
    • Where are you? Surveying firms through the ITC Competitiveness Survey sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of firms’ capabilities and on the health of the business ecosystem in which they operate. Data collection can be specific to priority sectors or performed across economic sectors..
    • How to get there? The Trade Development Strategies Programme at ITC aims to provide a strategy solution to suit government needs. To meet this goal, ITC has developed a full suite of strategy solutions.

    The complete package of services available at ITC produces home-grown strategy solutions and goes beyond, by ensuring that ITC partners have the capacity, knowledge and tools needed to manage the strategy’s implementation. By closely following our partners in their chosen path towards increased SMEs competitiveness, we translate benchmarking into sustainable development.


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