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Programme – Trade for Sustainable Development Forum 2019

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    Event details:

    7 October (hosted at ITC headquarters)

    • Full Day of Interactive panel sessions

    - Session 1: No Planet B – Making Sustainability the Norm
    - Session 2: Building an Ecosystem for Sustainable Practices
    - Session 3: Healthy Planet, Healthy People – Sustainability Mainstreaming in Food Systems
    - Session 4: From Legislation to Implementation – The Social Dimension of Sustainability Mainstreaming

    • Cocktail Reception

    8 October (hosted at ITC headquarters)

    • T4SD Project "How-to" sessions: interactive sessions to present T4SD’s projects through the lens of sustainability mainstreaming.

    - Project “How-to” session 1: Measuring the Evolution of Sustainable Markets
    - Project “How-to” session 2: Strengthening Resource Efficient and Circular Production Processes
    - Project “How-to" session 3: Cities as Drivers of Sustainable Trade
    - Project “How-to” session 4: Good Benchmarking Practices
    - Project “How-to” session 5: Trust, Transparency and Technology for Good Trade
    - Project “How-to” session 6: Increasing Transparency and Traceability in Garment Value Chains
    - Project “How-to” session 7: Trade Support Institutions as Agents of Change

    9 October (hosted at WTO headquarters).To attend this session, a mandatory separate registration process applies, via the WTO Public Forum 2019 website.
    (Deadline for registration is 16 September 2019)

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