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Professional Associations - Formento de las Artes Decorativas (FAD)

  • Site Name:Formento de las Artes Decorativas (FAD)

    Formento de las Artes Decorativas (FAD) is an independent, private cultural organisation, founded in 1903, whose objective is to promote architecture, design and image. Web portal of FAD provides access to seven associations involved in creative industry in Spain - covers information on member associations, their activities, major events.

    Keyword(s):Creative Industries, Spain
    Publisher:Fomento de las Artes Decorativas,
    Plaça dels Àngels 5-6,Barcelona, 08001, Spain.
    Phone: +93 443 75 20, Fax: +93 329 60 79, Email: fad@fadweb.com, URL: http://www.fadweb.com/
    Type of Document/Material:Website
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