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Professional Associations - Canadian Crafts Federation

  • Site Name:Canadian Crafts Federation
    Language(s):English, French

    The Canadian Crafts Federation provides information about its mandate, activities, membership as well as links to other craft organizations, reports and studies, glossary of craft terms, educational opportunities for craft education across Canada.

    Keyword(s):Artisanal products, Canada, Creative Industries
    Publisher:Canadian Crafts Federation,
    c/o Ontario Crafts Council, Designers Walk,170 Bedford Road, Suite 300,,Toronto, ON, M5R 2K9, Canada.
    Phone: +1 905 891-5928, Fax: +1 905 278-6973, Email: info@canadiancraftsfederation.ca, URL: http://www.canadiancraftsfederation.ca
    Type of Document/Material:Website
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