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    Official name Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc. of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Address 12/F, Allied Bank Center, Ayala Avenue
    City Makati City
    Country Philippines
    Telephone (63) (917) 5361598
    Fax (63) (2) 4365687
    URL http://www.aprag.org/members/PDRCI.html 
    Email apautea@pldtdsl.net, apautea@globelines.com.ph 
    The Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (PDRCI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization incorporated in 1996 out of the Arbitration Committee of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the use of arbitration as an alternative mode of settling commercial transaction disputes and providing dispute resolution services to the business community. Its membership is composed of prominent lawyers, members of the judiciary, academicians, arbitrators, bankers, and businessmen. PDRCI has broadened its scope of arbitration advocacy mission. It administers arbitration in specialized fields, such as maritime, banking, insurance, securities, and intellectual property disputes. With trade globalization, PDRCI has forged cooperation agreements with foreign arbitration centers such as the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, the Indian Council of Arbitration and the Singapore International Arbitration Center. It has also networked with the various committees of the International Chamber of Commerce, among which is the International Court of Arbitration.
    PDRCI offers the following dispute resolution services: administration of commercial arbitration and mediation; appointment of arbitrators and mediators; organization of seminars on commercial arbitration; provision of training and accreditation; networking with various international arbitration centers; referral services; and information on arbitration agreements, rules and arbitration law and practice. In addition, PDRCI has a system for the accreditation of arbitrators and mediators. It maintains a panel of local arbitrators and a panel of foreign arbitrators. PDRCI has been actively involved in the dissemination of information about legislative matters concerning arbitration, trade law and commerce.


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    Model Clause      
    Arbitration Rules: Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc. of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2005)      

    Last update : 2006-06-06
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