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Netherlands Mediation Institute

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    Official name Netherlands Mediation Institute
    Address Postbus
    City Rotterdam
    Country Netherlands
    Telephone (31) 10 405 6 989
    Fax (31) 10 405 5 345
    The Netherlands Mediation Institute NMI is the national platform for mediation in the Netherlands. NMI is a private organization and is operational since 1995. NMI operates from within a strictly independent position in society. NMI offers: - a platform for multilateral consultation concerning mediation by the various parties involved (mediators/providers, users of mediation, as well as independent bodies such as educational/scientific); - a reliable, nationally applied infrastructure for mediation in the form of uniform mediation rules and models; - an independent quality framework in the shape of accreditation and registration of mediators, as well as rules of conduct for mediators, a complaints procedure and independent disciplinary rules; - a transparent quality assurance system for mediation and mediators through accreditation and independent personal certification in conformity with the uniform European Standard EN 45013.
    NMI provides: - a uniform infrastructure for mediation (mediation rules, models and agreements) - a transparent and dynamic quality system for mediation and mediators - advancement of mediation training facilities - accreditation of mediation training institutes - accreditation, registration and certification of mediators - a complaints procedure - independent disciplinary rules for mediators - contacts with organizations, companies and public bodies - development and dissemination of documentation and information - independent selections from the NMI Register of Mediators to parties at variance - development and management of a website ( providing independent information on mediation for the public - access to the public NMI Register of Mediators through the NMI website ( - maintaining national and international contacts relating to mediation


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