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Mano River Union: Inclusive and Sustainable Cocoa Value Chain Development

  • Mano River Union/Sierra Leone: Value Chain Development for Cocoa and Associated Crops


    The upcoming NTF IV project in the Mano River Union region aims to address the economic and developmental challenges prevalent in the Republics of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. It also seek to rebuild and reinforce the productive and trade capacities across the value chain of cocoa and its derivatives. This will be done via a sector/value chain approach which will involve working with both upstream and downstream members of the entire value chain. Key activities will include production and post-harvest management, diffusing better business management approaches, establishing market linkages and value-chain-structuring and organization. Collectively, these will gear value-chain members for greater compliance with international standards and improve competitiveness.

    NTF IV is predated by the NTF IV Step Project in order to comprise a sector and market segment analysis of the cocoa industry in Sierra Leone. The objectives here include: generation of in-depth knowledge of the cocoa sector and value chain in Sierra Leone; mapping of public and private actors; and identification of key challenges and bottlenecks that hamper the competitiveness of Sierra Leone’s cocoa related exports.

    Upon completion, this comprehensive approach/evaluation will help make recommendations regarding areas requiring attention to enhance value addition opportunities and market competitiveness (for both producers and exporters) and facilitate the commissioning of an intervention strategy and work-plan that specifies possible initiatives to be considered as part of NTFIV.


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