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Model Clause: Court of Arbitration of Cote d'Ivoire

  • CACI recommends to all parties wishing to refer to arbitration through CACI in their contracts, to insert the following standard clause:

    "All disputes arising in connection with the present contract, shall be finally settled under the arbitration rules of the Court of Arbitration of Côte d'Ivoire (CACI) by one (or three) arbitrator(s) appointed in accordance with the said rules."

    It may be in the interest of the parties to stipulate in the arbitration clause itself the law governing the contract, the number of arbitrators, the place of arbitration and the language of arbitration.

    2. In the event of a lawsuit, contact the secretariat of CACI with a request accompanied by supporting documents and the name of the chosen arbitrator (if you have opted for a tribunal of 3 arbitrators).

    3. Pay the administration fees of the Court and the arbitrator fees.

    4. Commit to executing the arbitral award completely and in good faith.