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  • Arbitration clause 

    "Any dispute arising out of or relating to the present contract shall be settled by arbitration in conformity with the provisions of Tunis Center of Conciliation and Arbitration Rules in force, to which the parties have adhered. 

    Consequently, the parties agree : 

    * to submit their dispute to an arbitral tribunal composed of 

    - a sole arbitrator 

    - three arbitrators 

    appointed in conformity with Center Rules. 

    * That the language of arbitration is… 

    * that the dispute is settled in accordance with : 

    - the law… 

    - the rules of equity 

    TCCA commits to provide parties and arbitration tribunal with a secretariat which receives requests, ensure the functioning of arbitration procedures as well as administrative procedures, under the supervision of the president of the Center, and the Scientific Council". 


    Mediation and Conciliation Clause 

    "The parties agree to submit any litigation relating to the present contract to a mediator or a conciliator appointed by the President of Tunis Center for Conciliation and Arbitration, and in accordance with the rules of the center". 

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