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Mediation and Arbitration Centre, International Court of Arbitration for the MERCOSUR, of the Stock Market, Uruguay

  • General information

    Official name Centro de Conciliación y Arbitraje, Corte de Arbitraje Internacional para el MERCOSUR, de la Bolsa de Comercio, Uruguay.
    Address Rincón 454 Piso 5
    City Montevideo
    Country Uruguay
    Telephone (598-2)916-1277
    Fax (598-2)916-1243
    URL http://www.arbitraje.com.uy 
    Email informes@arbitraje.com.uy 
    The Mediation and Arbitration Centre is active since the beginning of 1996. It is a private non-profit institution. By 2002 it was settling on average five disputes per year. Its office is located in the financial district of the capital Montevideo.
    The Centre administers mediation and arbitration proceedings under its own Rules. It settles local and international commercial disputes. The proceedings may be conducted in English, French or Spanish.


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    Last update : 2005-10-24