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    Official name International arbitration- Venice Chamber of National and International Arbitration
    Address San Marco
    City Venice
    Country Italy
    Telephone (39) 041 786 236
    Fax (39) 041 786 255
    URL http://www.venca.it/ 
    Email conciliazione@ve.yahoo.it 
    The Venice Chamber of National and International Arbitration (VENCA) is a private, not-for-profit organization established in July 1990 by the Venice Chamber of Commerce, a founding partner and the Bars, the Charters of Accountants and the Trade Associations of the Province of Venice. In 2004 the Venice Chamber of Arbitration and VENCA (former Foundation - The Venice Court of National and International Arbitration) have merged into one organization under the name of "Venice Chamber of National and International Arbitration". VENCA was operative in Italy from 1998 to 2003 and has left to the new Chamber its inheritance of international contacts and best practices. This merger is the result of a project whose purpose is to promote in Italy an arbitration institution able to satisfy the needs of different cultures that usually confront each other in international arbitration, i.e. common law and civil law cultures.
    The Chamber aims to offer to commercial operators a flexible and as speedy as possible procedure. For this purpose, the Chamber has adopted Rules of Arbitration suitable to avoid and to contain delays and, above all, to contain proceedings' expenses, by keeping registration, administrative and arbitrators' fees as low as possible. The Chamber aims to promote the use of arbitration, both internal and international as the preferred means to solve disputes.


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    Last update : 2006-06-09
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