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Helping Gambian exports overcome technical barriers to trade

  •  Market access for groundnuts, cashew nuts, and sesame

    Gambia testing training

    International Trade Centre’s Standards and Quality related work in the Enhanced Integrated Framework project, "Sector Competitiveness and Export Diversification in The Gambia (2012-2015) addresses technical barriers hindering market access of Gambian exports of groundnuts, cashew nuts, and sesame".  


    1. Implementing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points


    January 2014 saw launch of assistance to enhancing food safety of groundnuts, cashewnuts and sesame through implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Workshops and a combination of classroom and hands-on training on HACCP was held for selected enterprises and trainers-cum-counsellors. To ensure sustainability, from the trained trainers, selected ones will be qualified and certified by ITC to further train and advise enterprises.

    2. Development and enforcement of technical regulations

    In February 2014, a workshop was conducted for representatives of regulatory bodies to sensitise them on guidelines of developing and enforcing technical regulations. This training was based on a guide developed jointly by ITC and PTB.

    3. Aflatoxin testing capacity

    A mission of an international lab technician was organized in April 2014 to ensure the functionality of a versatile modern high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) machine for aflatoxin analysis and to prepare in-situ training for staff operating the machine.

    4. National standards
    The first ten Gambian national standards based on International Standards have been finalized and published.

    5. Farmer Field Schools

    Around 60 Farmer Field Schools have been established and are operational in the three sectors.


    "Through the knowledge and skills we got from the training in our farmer field schools, we have increased the quantity and quality of groundnuts we produce."


    "The quality of cashew we produce is very high and now cashew buyers are running after us to buy our cashew."


    "Because of more money we get from our high quality produce, we are now able to change our lives; we can easily support our husbands, buy food, medicines and clothes for our children. We can also buy seeds for planting from money we get by selling sesame oil."


    - Members of Farmer Field School training, Gambia



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