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     What does an inspection of an organic unit entail?

     An inspection is an on-site visit to verify that the performance of an operation is in accordance with specific organic standards. Inspection covers all stages in the production process, including storage, processing and packing. Inspections are carried out at least once a year and spot checks are also undertaken. The flow of organic products must be traceable during the entire production chain, meaning that the organic products must be labeled "organic" at all production and handling levels to be able to distinguish them from conventional products. The inspector checks that organic products are identifiable and separated from non-organic products. It is also required to establish detailed record keeping showing origin and application of inputs as well as the flow of quantities in order for the inspector to calculate input-output balances. If the organic operator or unit to be inspected is a grower group, the inspector checks the operation of the internal control system of the grower group as well as a sample of the growers.

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