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     What does an organic label look like?

     This label will differ depending on the certification body, the standards against which the production is certified and/or in which market the product is sold. However, it can be taken as an assurance that the essential elements constituting an "organic" product have been met from the farm to the market. Different standards may specify slightly different criteria for the use of the term "organic" on labels, for instance how the term may appear in product descriptions. Additionally, certification bodies may apply a private logo indicating that they certify that a product is organic. National symbols for organic products have been introduced in several government-sponsored states within the European Union (e.g. Denmark, France, Austria) and the US, just as well as the EU Commission has introduced an organic logo. Below is a selection of organic logos: The EU logo and regulations on how it may be reproduced is available at The US logos and criteria for its reproduction is available at When can I label my products organic? Once an operation is certified organic against regulations or equivalent standards in specific markets, and that certification is carried out by a certification body recognized in that market, products from that operation may be labeled organic.