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     Where can I meet potential buyers?

     Buyers, and sellers, may be identified at web sites like for instance www.organicts.com and http://www.greentrade.net/ . Additionally, trade partners may be found at fairs specifically for organic products or comprising organic products. A non-exclusive list of relevant fairs is presented below: ANUGA http://www.anuga.de Bio Fach http://www.biofach.de Food Ingredients Europe http://www.fi-events.com; http://europe2005.fi-events.com/ Health Ingredients Europe http://www.hi-events.com IFE http://www.ife.co.uk Natural Products Europe http://www.expoeurope.com NATEXPO http://www.natexpo.com SANA http://www.sana.it SIAL http://www.sial.fr