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     How can I become eligible for labeling my product "organic" in the United States?

     For certification of organic products to be exported to the United States, the exporter has three certification options: 1) US certification bodies operating in foreign countries may apply for USDA accreditation. Foreign applicants will be evaluated based on the same criteria as domestic certification bodies. In lieu of USDA accreditation, a foreign certification body may: 2) Receive recognition when USDA has determined, upon request of a foreign government, that the foreign certification body's government authority is able to assess and accredit certification bodies as meeting the requirements of the National Organic Standard; or 3) Receive recognition as meeting requirements equivalent to the requirements of the NOS under an equivalency agreement negotiated between the United States and the foreign government. In practical terms, any group considering exporting organic products to the United States should identify a certification body that has or will receive United States certification approval. The United States based organizations with overseas offices will be able to certify all locations when they are approved by the USDA for organic certification. See also the section on standards and regulations on this web page.