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     How can I increase my competitive edge?

     Some of the important factors for being competitive in export of natural products are product quality and documentation. It is an advantage is the exporter is able to show technical datasheets on available products, demonstrating unique product properties, for instance through tests carried out by independent laboratories. Quality systems like HACCP, GMP and ISO 9000 are of increasing importance. For instance, importers in Europe increasingly have to demonstrate to authorities that their suppliers comply with such systems. Also, it will be necessary to document the origin of the products, so that any product exported may be traced back. Niche certification and marketing may ease market access and provide price premiums, e.g. social and/or environmental certification, for example organic certification. In any case, complying with good agricultural and collection practices should be a "must". In addition to price, which will always be an important factor, the following issues may add to improved competitiveness: · Foreign language skills, especially knowledge of English. · Consistent and high product quality according to agreed specifications · Continuous and reliable product supplies. Delivery on time and in accordance with agreed terms · Quality management in line with international standards · Packaging and labeling according to agreements with buyers · Open and honest communication