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     Where can I find price information?

     ITC provides a market news service (MNS) for medicinal plants and extracts. This MNS bulletin presents prices and market intelligence for those products for which current information is not readily available. The bulletin is published quarterly and provides information on indicative prices of raw materials and extracts commonly consumed in North America, Europe, India, China and Japan. For subscription, please refer to Indicative prices of spices may be obtained from the ITC's MNS Spices World Report, a weekly publication. Information on prices may also be available in the "Commodity and Market Review" and "Food Outlook" of The Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO, The Public Ledger publish prices on a weekly basis on crude drugs, herbs and spices, waxes and gums, different essential oils, oilseeds and some vegetable oils, Regarding essential oils and raw materials for essential oils, the most up-to-date information can be obtained directly from traders, who publish regular market reports for their customers. For instance, Fuerst Day Lawson (FDL) frequently publishes market reports on essential oils and aroma chemicals, etc. with inside information on the industry and price developments. The magazine COSSMA monthly publishes prices of a number of cosmetic raw materials (mostly essential oils), Many wholesalers publish an annual catalog. This is the case for instance for Galke, When this is not the case, prices must be requested. Sites for retail prices for herbal materials include and For agricultural products, several countries have specialized institutions for market and price information, including the German Zentrale Markt- und Preisberichtsstelle für Erzeugnisse der Land-, Forst und Ernährungswirtschaft (ZMP),