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     Which are the main market trends?

     There is an increasing demand for natural ingredients, such as fresh or dehydrated medicinal plants, fruits, pulps, herbal extracts, vegetable oils, oleoresins, essential oils, natural colorants and many others natural products. However, as natural products are sold in various markets, it is necessary to look at each products sector in order to get an indication of market trends for natural products. To mention one example, medicinal plants, the rise in demand seem to be driven by various factors, including the following: · increasing costs of institutional, pharmaceutical-based health care; · interest of individuals, communities and national governments in greater self-reliance in health care; · interest of communities and national governments in small-and large-scale industrial development based on local/national biodiversity resources; · increasing success in validating the safety and efficacy of herbal remedies; · legislation improving the status of herbal medicine industry; · renewed interest of companies in isolating useful compounds from plants; · search for new drugs and treatments of serious and drug-resistant diseases; · marketing strategies by the companies dealing in herbal medicine.