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Eurofruit congress Middle East

  • Eurofruit congress Middle East

    by Market Insider

    Wednesday, 20 Nov. 2013

    The Eurofruit Congress Middle East is taking place in Dubai bringing together key players in the market from all corners of the globe and from all links of the supply chain. The congress examines many of the top issues currently affecting the trade in the region such as branding, rapid change of pace and consumer trends and presents delegates new examples of possible sources of supply and new potential markets for their products.

    Offering networking opportunities to make the most out of this lucrative and exciting market, this year's event follows on directly from the World of Perishables (WOP) Dubai exhibition; the event draws top decision-makers from leading fresh produce companies from all over the world to meet and do business.

    The rapid pace of change in the Middle East can seem an impossible challenge for companies wishing to do business there; however if the changes are understood and concerted efforts made to predict them, then the region’s continuous evolution can equally be regarded as a fantastic opportunity.

    The opening conference session examined the main trends and the likely future course of the fresh produce and foodservice markets in the Gulf: consumer trends are evolving fast in the Gulf region, not least as a result of growing consumer purchasing power and rapid technological advancement; suppliers and retailers need to remain on their toes to keep up as convenience, organics, local sourcing, fair trade and environmental factors become increasingly important to shoppers.

    Developing a well recognised and respected brand has been a sine qua non to success for many years in western countries but what different challenges does a brand face in the Middle East and what pointers can some of the world’s and region’s most successful brands offer to others?

    As growth in the Gulf continues apace, foreign exporters are increasingly seeking to target the region not least as an alternative to more traditional markets currently feeling the effect of the economic crisis; Morocco, Chile, Italy and Jordan in particular are seeking to expand their business in the Middle East.

    The Eurofruit Congress Middle East offers an ideal opportunity to extend the knowledge of the Middle Eastern market and make new business contacts.


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