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EU backs the promotion of agricultural products

  • EU backs the promotion of agricultural products

    by Market Insider

    Tuesday, 19 Nov. 2013

    The European Commission has approved 22 programs to promote the sale of agricultural products in the European Union (EU) and in third countries. The total budget for the three-year programs amounted to €70 million to which the EU contributes €35 million. The selected programs cover high quality products such as products with a designation of origin (PDO), the protected geographical indication (PGI) or traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG) covering fresh fruits and vegetables, organic vegetables, milk and dairy products, ornamental plants, honey and bee products, beef, veal, pork and chicken meat.

    The Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development has welcomed this decision and said that the promotion of EU agricultural products on the internal market, as well as on non-EU markets, is an important strategic approach especially when it comes to quality products. The Commission received 34 applications for co-financing; after the assessment of the second wave of program models 22 programs were selected in 2013, including 15 domestic and seven in third countries. Two of the selected programs were proposed by more than one Member State; there are the following third countries or parts of third countries: North America, Russia, Latin America, Norway, Switzerland, the Middle East, Serbia, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

    New initiatives are being prepared to promote horticultural productions and will be published in the coming weeks. The Commissioner said is convinced that the increase in European exports can make an important contribution to the economic recovery in the EU. As part of a wider initiative to promote EU exports he will go next week to Japan and South Korea.


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