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    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2010

    Resources on Quality & Standards

    Understanding the increasing complexity of technical requirements in export markets is a prerequisite for successful trade. ITC's guidebooks and publications seek to support exporters in their work by providing them with easy-to-understand, relevant information on standards, WTO agreements and technical requirements.


    For more information on these publications, please see www.intracen.org/eshop or www.intracen.org/eqm.


    Accreditation and Standardization for Developing Countries
    (DCMAS Network)

    DCMAS Network was established by 10 principal international organizations that have mandates to strengthen technical infrastructures and deliver capacity building in metrology, standardization and conformity assessment (including accreditation)

    in order to:

    • Exchange information on the effectiveness and range of initiatives taken by the collaborating bodies;
    • Provide a means of pooling expertise and for enabling the collaborating organizations to take advice from each other and to invite participation in events they organize under their own programmes and initiatives; and
    • Exchange information on the benefits and aims of metrology, accreditation and standardization in developing countries.

    For more information, see www.dcmas.net.



    An answer book for small and medium-sized exporters

    This guide provides SME managers in developing countries and transition economies with answers to the most frequently asked questions on standards and conformity assessment. The guide addresses issues including technical regulations and standards, product certification, testing, metrology, quality management, ISO 9000, other management systems, accreditation and the WTO Agreements on Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures. The publication has been customized by partner organizations in 18 countries and is available in eight languages.



    A business perspective

    Technical requirements in importing countries can be difficult to obtain and to understand. This training tool aims to raise the understanding in the private sector of  the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and how it can be used to enhance market access for exports. The publication is intended for business advisers and trainers in enterprises that intend to export or are already exporting.




    This Export Quality bulletin explains the requirements for exporting seafood to the European Union (EU) with the emphasis on health certification, which is one of the most important factors in exporting to EU countries. The bulletin is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.



    Are you ready?

    Intended for SMEs, in both developed and developing countries, this easy-to-use joint ITC/ISO checklist provides an overview of ISO 22000 requirements in order to improve market share of food and agricultural products in the global market. The step-by-step format enables enterprise managers to determine the current status of their business and identify main areas for improvement.



    Guidelines for the Review of the Standardization, Quality Management, Accreditation and Metrology (SQAM) Infrastructure at National Level

    This guide provides a framework for assessing standardization, quality management, accreditation and metrology infrastructure. It also identifies gaps in SQAM services to satisfy exporters' needs by explaining major elements of the SQAM system and their attributes, and provides assessment guidelines in the form of a questionnaire relating to evaluation criteria.



    Information Sources on Standards, Conformity Assessment, Accreditation, Metrology, Technical Regulations, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

    A directory for trade support institutions and exporters with detailed information on organizations dealing with standards, technical regulations, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, conformity assessment, accreditation and metrology, worldwide. Published in English, French and Spanish.



    • Linking National Standards Bodies and Trade Promotion Organizations for Export Success
    • Linking National Standards Bodies and Trade Promotion Organizations for Export Success(ITC/ISO)
    • The SPS Agreement: A Business Perspective
    • ISO 9001 - Fitness Checker
    • ISO 14001 - Are you ready? (ITC/ISO)