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    Official name Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje Comercial de la Cámara Argentina de Comercio - CEMARC -
    Address 36 Leandro N. Alem Av.
    City Buenos Aires
    Country Argentina
    Telephone (54-11) 5300-9000
    Fax (54-11) 5300-9058
    URL http://www.cac.com.ar 
    Email comint1@cac.com.ar 
    The Arbitration Center at the Argentine Chamber of Commerce is a private institution which has begun its activity in 1992. The Mediation Center, also a private establishment of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, is active since 1997. The work of the Centers proceeds on demand from domestic and foreign companies, on a continuous basis.
    The Centers administer arbitration and mediation of commercial disputes under their own Rules, available in Spanish. They also provide consultancy on issues related to arbitration and mediation proceedings.


      English French Spanish
    Model Clause      
    Arbitration Rules      
    Mediation Rules      

    Last update : 2005-01-01
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