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    Official name Commercial Arbitration Court- Iceland Chamber of Commerce
    Address House of Commerce, 7th floor
    City Reykjavik
    Country Iceland
    Telephone (354) 510 71 00
    Fax (354) 568 6564
    URL http://www.chamber.is/ 
    Email info@chamber.is 
    Established under the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, the Commercial Arbitration Court is administred by an independent board, the role of which is to decide whether a case can be submitted to arbitration and then to appoint the Chairman of the Arbitral Tribunal. A reference of a case to the Arbitration Court has to be based on an Agreement of the parties. The decisions of an arbitral tribunal can be enforced in Iceland and can only be re-tried in the general Courts on procedural matters.

    Last update : 2006-06-12
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