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    Official name Commercial Arbitration Centre for the States of the Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
    Address 13, Jamada El Thaniah PO Box 16100
    City Manama
    Country Bahrain
    Telephone (973) 825 540
    Fax (973) 825 580
    URL http://www.gccarbitration.com 
    Email arbit395@batelco.com.bh 
    In March 1995 it was officially announced that the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre had become fully functional and ready to fulfill its duties. The panel of arbitrators at the Centre consists of around 370 arbitrators who have been nominated by all Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the GCC States.
    The most important duty of the Centre is to fill the vacuum resulting from the lack of a regional specialized mechanism capable of providing speedy and effective means of dispute resolution. It also organizes, on a regular basis, regional seminars and workshops on international trade practices and dispute resolution.


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    Model Clause      
    Arbitral Rules of Procedure for the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre (1994)      

    Last update : 2005-10-24
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