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China Maritime Arbitration Commission

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    Official name China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC)
    Address 6/F Golden Land Office Building, 32 Liangmaqiao Road, Chao Yang District
    City Beijing
    Country China
    Telephone 0086 10 64 64 66 88
    Fax 0086 10 64 64 35 00/64643520
    China Maritime Arbitration Commission, formerly known as the Maritime Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, was established in 1959, as a non-profit, permanent arbitration organization. Its mission is to resolve independently and impartially domestic and international maritime disputes, contractual and non-contractual. CMAC has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian. CMAC maintains co-operation relations with other international maritime arbitration commissions and institutions.
    CMAC administers arbitration of maritime disputes under its Rules. The Rules contain an option of Summary Procedure and allow for conciliation by the arbitral tribunal in combination with arbitration. CMAC also provides free of charge arbitration consulting services and conducts an annual arbitrators training program.
    CMAC maintains a Panel of Arbitrators, comprising experts in maritime areas, including some foreigners, from which the parties may choose their arbitrators.


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    Model Clause      
    China Maritime Arbitration Commission Arbitration Rules (2001)      

    Last update : 2003-11-18