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    Official name Brussels Business Mediation Centre (BBMC)
    Address Rue de Florence 13
    City Bruxelles
    Country Belgium
    Telephone (32) 02 373 08 76
    Fax (32) 02 375 59 69
    URL http://www.bbmc-mediation.be/ 
    Email info@bbmcmediation.be , aschneebalg@skynet.be 
    The Brussels Business Mediation Centre (BBMC) is a non-for-profit organization, established by a united initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brussels and the two Bar Associations of lawyers in Brussels. The BBMC has a set of Mediation Rules and a Code of Ethics to which the accredited mediators have to conform. The BBMC mediators are chosen on the bases of strict selection criteria: professional experience in business world; specific training in mediation; personal ability to administer conflicts in a positive manner.
    The Brussels Business Mediation Centre offers the services of skilled and qualified mediators, having benefited from specialized training in civil and commercial mediation.


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    Last update : 2006-06-02
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