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    Official name Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and to the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic
    Address Dlouha 13, 110 00 Praha 1
    City Prague
    Country Czech Republic
    Telephone +420 222 320 104
    Fax +420 222 325 535
    URL http://www.arbcourt.cz/en/en_index1.htm 
    Email praha@arbcourt.cz 
    The Arbitration Court was founded in 1949 and was operating attached to the Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the course of the lasting existence of the Arbitration Court more than 7.000 disputes, in decisive part from the sphere of international trade, were decided by the arbitrators. In the last two years, stage by stage, a growing advantage of arbitration proceedings is being taken in domestic disputes as well. The arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration Court are usually conducted in accordance with its Rules published in the official Trade Gazette ("Obchodni vestnik") unless the parties to the dispute have agreed otherwise.

    Last update : 2005-01-01
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