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ACA 2013 proceedings on current global cashew situation accessible online

  • ACA 2013 proceedings on current global cashew situation accessible online

    by Market Insider

    Tuesday, 22 Oct. 2013

    Key articles on current global cashew situation and developments, published in September 2013 in the special issue 38 (volume 13) on ACA Conference 2013 by the research and advisory company on commodities Foretell Business Solutions Private Limited of Bangalore, which issues Cashewinfo.com, can be accessed in line in at ACA Book 1.indd 1 9/3/2013 8:40:35 PM - Cashew Info



    A Case for Futures Contract in African RCN – Concept Note

    Suraj Rao, Director Omni Value SA, Abidjan

    Quality System and Certification for Processing Industry in Africa

    Peter Kojo Nyarko, ACA Seal Coordinator, African Cashew Alliance Secretariat, Accra

    The EU Cashew Market and African Supply

    James Fitzpatrick, Business Consultant

    Cashew and Africa

    Giridhar Prabhu, Proprietor

    Achal Industries , Mangalore

    Raw Cashew Nut Scenario in Tanzania and Mozambique

    Vasudev Barkur, Chief Financial Officer, Export Trading Group, Dar es Salam

    Indian Economy Needs Urgent and Corrective Measures to Stabilize Indian Rupee

    Venkat Raman S., Technical Analyst,Foretell Business Solutions, Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

    Emerging Markets Currencies Vulnerable to US Fed Tapering

    Venkat Raman S. Technical Analyst,Foretell Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore

    Cashew Processing Industry in India: Product Quality Specifications and Code of Food Hygiene

    Dr B. Jacob, Managing Director,Synergy Systems, Ernakulam

     Understanding Demand, Processing and Export of Cashew in Brazil

    Annette de Castro, Superintendent,Cascaju, Brazil

    Exploring Vietnam Cashew Sector

    N. Ashok, Director, Orion Group India / Vietnam, Mumbai

    Technologies for Cashew Apple Utilization on a Commercial Scale

    Jose Mathew, Associate Director of Extension, Kerala Agricultural 

    University, and Sobhana, A., Professor, Cashew Research Station, Madakkathara, Kerala 

    Nutritional and Health Benefits of Cashew Jose Mathew and A. Sobhana

    Jose Mathew, Associate Director of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University, Mannuthy, and A. Shobhana, Professor, Cashew

    Research Station , Madakkathara

    Cashew Crop update from Sri Lanka

    Sanath Weerakoon, Chairman, Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation

    Cashew Season in West African Countries - 2013

    Cashewinfo  Research Team

    Cashew in Côte d’Ivoire - Today and Tomorrow

    Pierre RICAU, Agro Markets Analyst,N’Kalô, Abidjan

    Cashew Plantation in Non-Traditional Areas – A Case Study of Jharkhand

    Prof. Prabhakar Singh

    Director, Jharkhand State Horticulture Mission

    Processing and Packaging of Cashew Kernels

    K K Georgekutty, Development Manager, Sevana Packaging Systems Pvt. Ltd., Cochin

    Cashew – A Prospective Crop of Future

    C.P. Appanna, General Manager,National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mumbai


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