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    Austrade teams up with ITC to launch

    Foreign trade representatives around the world now have access to updated guidelines on promoting trade abroad in line with national trade policy and export strategies, with the launch of the book, ‘Entering New Markets: A Guide for Trade Representatives’....

    Bangladeshi ITC beneficiary thumbnail

    A Bangladeshi business, which provides offshore custom development solutions, is helping a Danish company to streamline its operations online, following a business-to-business meeting arranged through the Netherlands Trust Fund Programme (NTFII) Bangladesh.Mizanur...


    ITC’s buyer-seller development partnerships aim at increasing exports of mangos from Senegal to Europe.


    At a plant in the North-East of Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek, a 20-minute ride from the city centre over potholed roads, 23-year-old Bakhtiyar Kudakeldiev works as a water bottling operator. He does not know it, but he benefits from an ITC programme...


    The story of Art Atlas Peru is proof that shrewd business and a commitment to social welfare can go hand in hand. Art Atlas Peru is an ecological and socially driven enterprise that produces sweaters and cardigans from the highest quality natural fibres,...


    Introduced in the early 1900s, cotton farming in Kenya did not expand greatly until the 1970s. At that time, cotton was identified by the government as a crucial crop to fight poverty in the country, and at least 20 ginneries were established. The industry’s...


    The growth of cruise holidays is placing increased demand on operators to manage the environmental and social impact on remote island communities.   The boom in popularity of cruise holidays to the Pacific Islands has seen a vast increase...

    issue 01 2011 opinion piece thumbnail image

    Information and communication are essential to trade. In the most general terms, buyers must communicate with sellers, both must have information about product and pricing, and negotiation of any kind requires selective communication...


    The 11th World Export Development Forum (WEDF) held in Chongqing, China on 9–12 September highlighted renewed optimism and commitment to the export-led growth model and the necessity for trade, with a need to rethink strategies...

    issue 04 2010 Colombian Coffee article thumbnail

    For many years Colombian Coffee has being recognized as one of the most important coffee producers in the world. In response to changes in the global coffee market, the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation has successfully adapted its supply chain...

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