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    Branding, marketing and promotions can enhance country and corporate profil

    Culture and values are key aspects of brand essence

    Malaysian, Moroccan institutions team up to promote trade of halal product thumbnail

    The Moroccan Exporters Association (ASMEX) is partnering with the Malaysian Small and Medium Industries Association, SMI Association of Malaysia, to promote trade between the two countries – a result of the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) latest efforts...

    ITC participates in WIPO conferenc

    ITC participates in WIPO conference aimed at boosting market competitiveness and exports through better branding

    Rooibos (B)

    Marketing campaigns launched to market South Africa’s rooibos tea in Chinese Taipei and the United Arab Emirates.


    ITC’s buyer-seller development partnerships aim at increasing exports of mangos from Senegal to Europe.


    The story of Art Atlas Peru is proof that shrewd business and a commitment to social welfare can go hand in hand. Art Atlas Peru is an ecological and socially driven enterprise that produces sweaters and cardigans from the highest quality natural fibres,...


    Cotton is one success of Zambia’s turn towards a market economy and offers a powerful tool for poverty reduction. Until recently, the industry had been dominated by the foreign-owned private sector that dictated prices and marketing arrangements for...


    Developing business in commodities such as coffee or tea or in fresh fruit and vegetables represents great potential for growth and employment in Africa. The challenge for these sectors lies in effective and efficient exporting to the right markets....


    Artisans from the Caribbean will showcase their products in Santo Domingo at an event designed to expose their companies to international markets. The Design Caribbean trade show, which will be held September 1 – 4, 2011, is the culmination of...


    An ITC technical assistance programme in the Middle East and North Africa is developing links to European fashion markets and at the same time building skills and employment opportunities for women and youth. In Morocco, the EnACT programme is...

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