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    ITC and UEMOA trade bloc to work together to promote exports, deepen regional integration4

    Sign Memorandum of Understanding pledging wide-ranging cooperation over five years


    African cotton ginners have signed to sell 1,500 tons of cotton to Bangladeshi spinners after meeting through ITC.

    African cotton

    ITC facilitates new Africa-Asia business partnerships by ensuring ginners produce cotton that meets buyers’ standards of quality

    Tajik Minister

    Trade promotion programmes result in higher-quality goods for global consumption, more job opportunities for women and reduced poverty rates.


    Cotton is one success of Zambia’s turn towards a market economy and offers a powerful tool for poverty reduction. Until recently, the industry had been dominated by the foreign-owned private sector that dictated prices and marketing arrangements for...


    Introduced in the early 1900s, cotton farming in Kenya did not expand greatly until the 1970s. At that time, cotton was identified by the government as a crucial crop to fight poverty in the country, and at least 20 ginneries were established. The industry’s...


    ITC’s Cotton Development Initiative uses South-South cooperation to make Africa a stronger competitor in the international cotton trade. It has two major focus areas: facilitating learning and collaboration with countries that have successfully built...


    As the 100% Aid for Trade agency, ITC brings the private sector voice to trade development.  It partners with the private sector to ensure that Aid for Trade leads small and medium enterprises to global markets.  Within this framework, ITC facilitates...


    The International Trade Centre (ITC) today launched a dynamic, interactive trilingual version of its Cotton Exporter’s Guide as part of its drive to increase the exchange of information in the sector and improve the skills and abilities... 

  • Cotton Exporter's Guide

    Brochure - African cotton promotion
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