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    Climate change seen as major threat to agricultural exports from Uganda, Peru4

    ITC survey of exporters reveals widespread concerns about reduced competitiveness

    Helping the environment to help the worlds poor

    Greater focus on the environment would be a win-win scenario for the Aid for Trade initiative and beneficiary countries


    ITC has recently partnered up with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), Rainforest Alliance and FLO-CERT to support smallholder tea farmers to both adapt to and mitigate the climate change impacts associated with their supply chains.


    WHO: The International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint agency of the UN and WTO, is hosting side-events within Rio+20 which focus on trade opportunities in the green economy. WHY:There are new and innovative opportunities in trade for sustainable development...

    Catadores in Brazil. Thumb.

    ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative invites 100 garbage collectors to its Good Business Models for a Sustainable Future event at the Corporate Sustainability Forum.


    In June 2011, TEP published a new technical paper on the impact of climate change on cotton production and options to mitigate and adapt. The paper is available online in English, French and Spanish.

    issue 03 2011 Water Smart Thumbnail

    The recent drought-related famine in East Africa has put the focus on the need to make smarter use of existing water resources and, where possible, make more water available for food production. Smart water management technologies will provide the...


    Agricultural production in Sierra Leone strengthened by the World Bank The World Bank recently announced that it would provide US$ 42 million worth of grants funding to support agricultural development in Sierra Leone. The funding, a joint agreement...


    The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have released a new handbook and CD to make it easier for organizations to understand and implement an environmental management system (EMS)...


    More than 40 representatives of the agro-food and flower sectors in East Africa will meet in Nairobi next month to discuss how to manage new carbon retail standards...

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