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    The intensity and importance of export challenges differ greatly in the 21 countries of the Arab States region. There are extreme variations in terms of income levels and economic structures in the Arab States in which ITC works. A majority of 308 million citizens living in the countries, however, are middle income.  

    ITC has classified the Arab States into three sub-regions in order to ensure that resources are aligned to strategic priorities:

    • Arab least developed countries
    • Group of mainly oil/gas exporting countries
    • Group of non-oil/gas exporting countries

    ITC’s programmes respond to some of the region’s key trade challenges, which vary along the sub-region divides. ITC provides assistance through national, regional and global projects.  The aim is to achieve medium- to long-term impact in the Arab region by building core capacities in the following areas:

    • to view export development strategically,
    • to analyze trade and market data,
    • to enhance regional integration, trade and networking,
    • to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) integrate into global value chains.
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