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    Most people start at the beginning, but Elizabeth Ntege likes to start at the end. Before undertaking any project, the Ugandan telecom engineer, one of three owners of NFT Consult Limited, knows where she wants to end up even before she figures out exactly...

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    Linet Kwamboka is a people person. Her ability to interact with others and to build networks were key to her decision to create DataScience Ltd, a Nairobi-based software-engineering company that focuses on information management systems for data analytics,...

    From Colombia to Myanmar: a journey of growthsa

    Daniel Ruggiero shares his experiences as a volunteer on the ITC Myanmar inclusive tourism project, for which he helped to carry out a baseline study, plan a garbage-control campaign and build business models.


    Twelve IT and ITES, Kenyan and Ugandan beneficiary companies of the NTF III Programme have just come back to their respective offices, energized by the business linkage opportunities they uncovered at the Connected East Africa Summit 2015, held in Mombasa,...


    With more than 200 exhibitors and over 400,000 visitors from more than 30 countries, this year's Digital World 2015, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was bigger and better than ever before. From 9 to 12 February, Bangladesh showcased its achievements in ICT,...

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    ITC and the Dutch government to offer support to boost IT exports globally

    The Netherlands funds USD 2.2 million projects in Kenya to enhance IT and agricultural exports 2

    ITC to provide technical support for export competitiveness

    Kenya’s avocado sector gets USD 1 million boost from the Netherlands 4

    ITC to facilitate value chain for Kenyan avocado to reach the global marketplace

    Kenyan and Ugandan ICT Companies to improve export

    The Netherlands Trust Fund III (NTF III) Export Sector Competitiveness Programme, a three-year, multi-phase Dutch-backed project with the International Trade Centre (ITC), has completed the company selection process for the projects in Kenya and Uganda....

    NTF III: Access to Finance Programme Devised for ITES and BPO SMEs in Uganda and Kenya to Boost Export  th

    ITC is set to assist SMEs in Uganda and Kenya that have been constrained by the inaccessibility of long term finance and high interest rates, the lack of collateral, the information asymmetry, and poor financial management skills.Yaya Ouattara, ITC Adviser...

  • Horticulture, a vital sub-sector of Kenya’s agriculture industry, has grown significantly to become a major employer and foreign-exchange earner. Still, the sector faces challenges including production variability and low productivity that affect the performance of the fruit products value chains. While fruit accounts for about 35% of the horticulture output in Kenya, it represents less than 10% of the total earnings from horticultural exports.

    A sub-sector review identified the main problems and weaknesses within the industry as a first step towards developing strategies which will enhance the growth and development of horticulture. The Netherlands Trust Fund II (NTF II) project in Kenya targets avocados, mangos, and passion fruit and aims to develop commodity business plans which would support coordinated efforts to bolster exports of these three tree fruits, benefitting low-income farmers and SMEs.

    Institutional structures to strengthen FPEAK support to the sub sector

    The NTF II project focuses on establishing an effective and sustainable structure within the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) to provide long-term support to the tree-fruit sub-sector. The first element of this structure is the establishment of a Fruit Team, housed within FPEAK. The team is composed of three commodity advisors for each of the three fruits and one coordinator to drive the subsector development efforts. The Fruit Team will lead the process of establishing three commodity working groups (CWGs), which are set up as public-private partnerships, and will include representatives from along the fruit value chain  including exporters, selected processors / producers, and relevant trade support institutions and intermediaries. Each CWG will be championed by the lead exporter (a large private exporting company) in the specific fruit it covers.

    Commodity business plans in place and achieving targets

    The CWGs are tasked with developing business-oriented commodity business plans (CBPs) with targets and roles identified for participants. These CBPs, the project's second main output, will assess the business logic for boosting exports of each commodity. They will be developed from targeted market analysis, mapping of production capabilities, financial instruments, and institutional infrastructure. With effective CPBs, the various interventions in the tree-fruit sector can be harmonised and coordinated to achieve goals along the value chain, such as increasing the value or volume of exports or reducing waste at pre- or post-harvest.

    A functioning process for monitoring and implementation of CBPS

    Along with developing the commodity business plans, FPEAK will monitor their implementation and gauge achievements. The NTF II project will strengthen the capacity of FPEAK and the members of the three CWGs to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation processes are in place to measure progress and to determine lessons learned throughout the implementation of the CBPs and the project as a whole.

    About the NTF II Kenya project

    The Netherlands Trust Fund II is based on a four-year partnership agreement between ITC and CBI. The NTF II Programme is funded by the Government of the Netherlands. The NTF II project is implemented in close collaboration with the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK), the Export Promotion Council (EPC) and the Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA). NTF II Kenya focuses on `Creating Sustainable Exporter Competitiveness in the Tree Fruit Sector in Kenya.

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