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    14th World Export Development Forum (WEDF)

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) will hold the World Export Development Forum (WEDF) 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda, from 16-17 September. WEDF will bring together some 400 representatives from governments, trade support institutions (TSIs) and businesses from around the world to debate and identify practical solutions that contribute to trade-led inclusive sustainable development.

    The theme

    The theme of WEDF 2014 ‘SMEs: Creating jobs through trade’ reflects the important role a vibrant private sector plays in driving trade-led growth and development. The urgent need to create employment opportunities, in particular for youth, will be at the core of the discussions between global thinkers and practitioners from the public and private sectors, who will explore which policies and support measures need to be implemented to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to contribute to this common goal.

    The task for governments, trade support institutions, multinationals and the international development community is to unlock SMEs’ potential by investing in improving their skills, access to capital and market intelligence, so that they can join and move up in value chains. SME competitiveness is a key factor in determining a country’s aptness to diversify in anticipation of and response to international market demands.

    The topics

    WEDF 2014 will explore how SMEs can become and remain competitive by addressing issues that impact their entrepreneurial capacity and their operating environment. Developments in trade facilitation, regional integration, South-South cooperation and trade in services will be discussed and innovative solutions for SMEs to thrive through access to funding, technology, information and skills explored. The event will provide a platform to identify and act upon SME needs and explore the role of different actors to assist them.

    See the programme for more details.

    WEDF will be held in conjunction with the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF)

    Both events will also provide networking opportunities and business-to-business matchmaking opportunities for participants.


    If you are interested in learning more about WEDF, please contact us at wedf[at]

  • Highlights

    World Export Development Forum 2014 targets the private sector for more trade and jobs

    (Geneva and Kigali) -- The urgent need to create trade and employment opportunities by increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be at the core of the discussions between global thinkers, business leaders and practitioners...

    Patricia Francis

    ITC Executive Director Patricia Francis met with members of The Geneva Business Roundtable earlier this week to discuss areas of cooperation ranging from supply chain management training to members’ participation in an ITC-led initiative to increase...

    WEDF thumbnail

    Participants at the World Export Development Forum say it is a good place to gain new insights and expand their business networks.

    Cambodian silk entrepreneurs

    Life is changing for 21-year-old Sreymom Heng, who lives with her parents in the village of Mreas Prov, in Cambodia’s southern Takeo province. She is one of 700 weavers who have seen a nearly 40% increase in their income thanks to the two-year ITC project...

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