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    WEDF 2014 welcome

    The Government of Rwanda, through the Rwanda Development Board, will host WEDF 2014 in Kigali. Rwanda, an excellent gateway for doing business in the East African region and beyond, is an emerging services and outsourcing hub. It has been ranked by the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index Report 2013–2014 as the most competitive country in East Africa and the third on the entire African continent.

    The theme

    The theme of WEDF 2014, ‘SMEs: Creating jobs through trade,’ reflects the importance that ITC and its partners attach to the role of a vibrant private sector in driving trade-led growth and development. The urgent need to create employment opportunities, in particular for youth, will be at the core of the discussions between global thinkers and practitioners from the public and private sectors. They will explore the necessary policy and support measures required to enable SMEs to realize their potential as growth and employment drivers. The task for governments, trade support institutions, trade and investment promotion authorities, multinationals and the international development community is to unlock SMEs’ potential by investing in building productive capacity, improving skills and supporting access to capital and finance. SME competitiveness is a key factor in determining a country’s overall competitiveness and its ability to respond to international market demand.

    The programme

    WEDF 2014 will explore how SMEs can become and remain competitive by addressing issues that impact their entrepreneurial capacity and operating environment. Developments in trade facilitation, regional integration, South-South cooperation and trade in services will be examined.

    In the main sessions, high-level speakers and participants working in complex and dynamic environments will share best practices to address the challenges faced by developing countries and economies in transition, and propose solutions based on the principles of partnership, inclusiveness and sustainability.

    See the full programme.

    Networking for doing business in Africa

    WEDF 2014 will include a strong business-to-business dimension with the participation of a large number of exporters and importers from the region.

    See more on our networking page.

    WVEF: sourcing from women-owned companies

    The Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF), held in parallel with WEDF, connects high-growth women-owned companies to buyers and investors to do business. WVEF provides an avenue through which corporations can operationalise commitments to build sustainable and inclusive supply chains. Through a rigorous selection and matching process, up to 150 women-owned companies will be selected to attend the event during which they will participate in facilitated bilateral business-to-business meetings. WVEF 2014 will focus on the coffee and services sectors.

    See more information on our WVEF page.


    If you are interested in learning more about WEDF, please contact us at wedf[at]

  • Highlights


    WEDF 2012: Faced with an on-going financial crisis SMEs, the backbone of the economy in emerging economies, trade-finance programmes seek to fill the gap left by a drop in world trade.


    WEDF 2012: Plenary session participants hear how the rise of the middle class in emerging economies creates new demand for higher-value products and services.


    WEDF 2012: During a busy morning at the World Export Development Forum in Jakarta, three parallel sessions put focus on corporations, trade support institutions and smallholder producers.


    With the world’s population recently surpassing the seven billion mark and on track over the next forty years to add two billion more, primarily in the developing world, optimizing developing countries’ export supply chains helps advance global food security while boosting interregional and intraregional trade flows, according to discussions at day two of WEDF...


    WEDF 2012: Panellists at parallel sessions at the first day of WEDF 2012 discuss public-private partnership, the critical role of infrastructure to enhance competiveness, and how non-tariff obstacles to trade can be overcome.

    Autumn events

    Growth, inclusion and innovation will take centre-stage at three ITC conferences this autumn in Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico.


    The 2011 World Export Development Forum focused on ways to develop sustainable tourism with the announcement of four projects to connect small- and medium- sized enterprises in least developed countries to the tourism industry.  Held...


    The International Trade Centre (ITC) is bringing together tourism experts from the private and public sectors to work on tangible projects for some of the world’s least developed countries at the World Export Development Forum (WEDF). The one and...


    The 11th World Export Development Forum (WEDF) held in Chongqing, China on 9–12 September highlighted renewed optimism and commitment to the export-led growth model and the necessity for trade, with a need to rethink strategies...


    The 11th World Export Development Forum (WEDF) wound up here today with the more than 300 delegates from 60 countries expressing optimism about trade growth in the post-crisis era and reaffirming their commitment...

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