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ITC’s Trade Development Strategy Offering

  • strategyAs part of its mandate of fostering sustainable development through increased trade opportunities, ITC offers a suite of trade-related strategy solutions that allow policymakers to choose their preferred level of engagement. ITC-facilitated roadmaps and strategies are oriented to the trade objectives of a country or region, and can focus on individual sectors or trade support functions.

    In order to effectively translate strategies into tangible results, ITC also provides tools and support in strategy implementation management to allow countries to strengthen institutional capacities, guide implementation and manage resources. Strategy Implementation Management is proof of ITC’s commitment to ensuring that our strategies are more than simply pieces of paper. Rather, our focus is on developing sustainable solutions that will have a lasting and positive impact long after ITC’s initial intervention is over.

    More detailed information on some of the Trade Development Strategies Programme’s individual strategy solutions can be found in the menu to the right.



    Enquiries should be directed to:

    Anton Said

    Coordinator, Trade Development Strategies Programme
    +41 (0)22 730-0588

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