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    ITC strategies provide partner countries with home-grown strategy solutions which offer specific answers to critical development issues. ITC’s commitment goes beyond simply providing partners with a powerful trade development resource by also ensuring that our partners have the capacity, knowledge and tools with which to manage the strategy’s implementation.


    Building on 15 years’ experience, ITC has developed more than 100 strategy solutions in over 50 countries. Our work spans a range of different economic contexts and regions - most notably, ITC is currently facilitating strategy solutions in Afghanistan, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia and Ukraine. 

    Our focus on country ownership combined with our unique approach to value-chain development means that each strategy we facilitate is unique. Through our fully country-owned and inclusive process we are able to blend state-of-the-art data analysis - courtesy of ITC’s own SME Competitiveness Framework and Export Potential Assessment methodology - together with forward-thinking business and market intelligence in order to come up with relevant, realistic and innovative strategic policy recommendations to support value-chain development. This means that each of our strategy solutions is tailored to meet specific partner needs, which can range from building productive capacities to developing an enabling business environment or even harnessing the power of green trade..

    Based on our inclusive approach, ITC rejects conventional top-down approaches to trade strategy design by facilitating a truly national vision, one developed for the country, by the country and with extensive stakeholder inputs throughout. Highlighting this focus on national ownership, our strategies focus on securing formal government endorsement.

    The Trade Development Strategies Programme at ITC aims to provide a strategy solution to suit all of our partner’s needs. In order to ensure that we meet this goal, ITC has developed a full suite of strategy solutions based on our modular and inclusive approach. 

    What our partners are saying

    "For UNDP, the National Export Strategy is a useful initiative and document as it provides a framework for our poverty reduction and sustainable development work."
    Pradeep Sharma
    UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic
    "The Asian Development Bank sees the National Export Strategy as a key reference to guide the country’s efforts in expanding productive capabilities in strategic export sectors and thus to create jobs and reduce poverty, which is a focus of ADB’s country partnership strategy."
    Rie Hiraoka
    Country Director, Kyrgyz Republic Resident Mission
    Asian Development Bank
    “The NES process helped us to clearly identify key issues that prevent us from exploiting export opportunities in emerging markets as well as in OECD economies. Its implementation should enable the private sector to best respond to buyers’ requirements as well as to strategically climb the value-added ladder. The involvement of funding partners and buyers into the process introduces a concrete element of reality that will help securing implementation.”
    Farhad Tologonov
    Director of the Association of Light Industry Enterprises of Kyrgyzstan, Legprom
    UNIDO logo
    “UNIDO would like to express its full support for this comprehensive and inclusive strategy and stands ready to assist Zimbabwe with implementation. The strategy’s detailed approach to the Cotton-to-Clothing value chain, in particular the most capital-intensive segments, provide UNIDO with key entry points to assist with the re-industrialization of Zimbabwe. ”
    Tichaona Mushayandebvu
    Head of UNIDO Operations in Zimbabwe
    COMESA logo
    “The COMESA Secretariat is pleased to be part of the Zimbabwe Cotton-to-Clothing value chain strategy development, the value chain that has always been a priority for economic transformation in the region.”
    Sindiso Ngwenya
    COMESA Secretary General

    Enquiries should be directed to:

    Anton Said

    Coordinator, Trade Development Strategies Programme
    +41 (0)22 730-0588

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